Sunday, January 20, 2008

Science notebooks

Science notebooking does not need to be complicated. We use a sheet of paper with a blank box at the top and ruled lines at the bottom for my sons to draw and take notes about something we read or saw. My 8 year old fills out his own sheet while my 6 year old tells me what to write. In Charlotte Mason terms, this is narration in all 3 of its forms. For "experiments" I have another form that has What I did at the top, What I saw in the middle (lined for writing or blank box for drawing), and What happened? at the bottom. Noeo Science comes with similar reproducible sheets that can be downloaded from their site, but I just made my own. I can decorate them as I want that way. They all get placed in a 3-ring binder throughout the year. You can easily add photos of your science adventures and creations. You can do lapbooks as well, something our family is starting to get into. It's all so much more beautiful to look back on than test sheets!