Monday, July 19, 2010

A Blogger of Substance Award

Thank you, Alex, from Serendipity Home School for A Blog With Substance award!  Hopefully this blog will have more substance when I finally fill in those tabs, lol!

Here's how this award works:
  • Thank the blogger that awarded it to you.
  • Sum up you blogging philosophy, motivation, and experience using exactly 10 words;
  • Pass it on to 10 other blogs with substance.
My summation sentence:

Sharing science resources with other homeschoolers returns many more blessings.

Here are at least 10 blogs where I find all kinds of thought-provoking and helpful material on them:
  1. Learners at Home
  2. Funschooling
  3. Books, Links, and More
  4. Miss Julie's Place: Art Lessons for Kids
  5. Of Great Mind: A Journey in Home Education
  6. Talking to Myself that just moved over from Homeschoolblogger, with more great hands-on stuff.
  7. Totus Tuus Family & Catholic Homeschooling
  8. Maureen Wittmann
  9. Abiding Faith: Our Journey of Real Learning
  10. Hilltop Homeschool
 I could list more, but several have already received the award from others.  Thank you again.


    Suji said...

    Oh gosh Kris! Thank you! :)

    Alex said...

    You are very welcome!

    Yeah! New blogs to check out :)

    Velma Beale said...

    Thanks for listing my blog (Hilltop Homeschool)in your list of 10. I found out because of visitors from your blog to mine. Does this mean my blog gets the award? If so, how do I get it for my site? I greatly appreciate the recognition in any case. Thank you.

    Kris said...

    Velma, you are free to copy the award icon from my post onto your computer and use it to create a post about it. I left a comment on your last blog entry but either I messed up or it is still waiting for approval.

    In your blog post list your 10-word sentence about your blog and 10 people you wish to pass it on to. BTW, these are informal awards so if you don't find 10 that's fine, too.

    CherylinMA said...

    Aw! Thank you! You are so prophetic...I hope. LOL

    Annie said...

    You've been awarded the Versatile Blogger Award. Please follow this link to receive it:

    Kris said...

    Annie, thank you! I can't login to your blog to post a thank you there, so I hope you see this one!

    Ms. Julie's Place said...

    Thank you Kris! I am definitely a blogger of substance. What substance that is might have to be sampled from the spit up on my should and analyzed by a lab though! Hope to be back at it a little more this fall.

    Ms. Julie's Place said...

    Ok-you know I meant shoulder right?

    Cheryl Doyle-Ruffing said...


    I just checked my home education blog and saw your comment. Thank you for thinking of me. Now, to do some blogging ...