Thursday, September 11, 2008

Nature around the yard

My kids enjoy catching creatures that happen to enter our yard. We take the opportunity to examine and identify them. Simple lessons like these are the source of much learning.

This is a very small ringneck snake.

It is very easy to identify especially with the Snakes of Massachusetts site.

This is ds#1 staring at an enormous bug the kids saw sitting on our glass door.

It's a true katydid. I can't wait to show them the picture in the guide tomorrow.

We have many dragonflies in the yard (they eat mosquitoes so they are both beautiful and helpful) and my kids love to catch them by their tails. The large ones are tough because they are fast, but ds#1 was able to get a huge green one today.

After looking at the delicate wings and the large, powerful mouth parts, he let it fly off into the woods.


Laura said...

Great post! Maybe my dad needs more dragonflies in his yard to take care of the bugs...they have just found that a bat has taken up residence in one of their sun umbrellas. I'd say dragonflies are much preferred!

Kris! said...

I saw that on your blog--we had the same thing happen in our umbrella! After the bat took off into the woods, we left the umbrella open for several days and when we did close it we tied it TIGHTLY. It has since found another home.