Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Bird Cinema

Bird-Watching meets You-Tube at Bird Cinema. You can upload your own clips or view other amateur and professional videos about birds. I find this great for matching bird sightings with bird sounds, and other informative videos are available, too. Here is one of a downey woodpecker:


jamie in rose cottage said...

Thanks for sharing; I'll have to check these out. I used to love to watch shows like this on our local public broadcasting station.

Kris said...

Just an FYI, while the clip I embedded is a professional one, most of the bird clips are people like us filming and posting birds we see in our yards. You can, for example, search for "robin" and you can both see and hear the robin on the video, which makes identifying bird calls much easier.

The professional videos are interesting, too.

Julie said...

Great idea! It will be great to match birds with their sounds and I would never have thought of checking at You-tube. Thanks for sharing.