Sunday, February 1, 2009

Journey North

Journey North is a web site that has a series of programs for schools and homeschoolers to follow along with. Many of them relate to animal migration sitings, thus the name, though it has other projects as well. One relates to whale migration, another to observing seasonal changes throughout the year (starting in September.)

I signed up our homeschool co-op to participate in the Mystery Class. For 10 Mondays we will record our local sunrise and sunset, and calculate our photoperiod (amount of daylight.) On Friday we will look up the same data for the 10 Mystery Classes scattered throughout the world. Later in the program the site will post other geographical clues to these locations. In the end we submit the data, and have an opportunity to talk with the Mystery Classes.

The program begins tomorrow, February 2nd, and I found out about it yesterday. I have seven families so far, and I hope to find 3 more so each family will track one of the 10 Mystery Classes. During the week each family can find their own sources to learn more about daylight around the globe and through the seasons, longitude and latitude, graphing, data collection, and such.

These are simple and fun projects to apply science and math concepts.


School for Us said...

Hi! Are you doing local families? Or is this in blog-world? :-) We'd love to be a part if you're doing it in the blog-world. We're participating, but I think finding all 10 locations would be tough... especially for our first time.

Kris said...

Dana, I am doing it with 9 other families from the homeschool co-op I belong to. If you want to collaborate with me, our family is working on Mystery Class #1. I am not sure how the program wraps up in terms of submissions and talking with the Mystery Class but I imagine we could work it out. Email me!