Thursday, March 5, 2009

Free Science and Math Webinar April 1st

Maureen Wittmann, author of For the Love of Literature that lists hundreds of living books by subject, is offering FREE webinars. And the next one, on April 1st, is about teaching math and science with living books.

The webinars is Bringing Joy to Your Homeschool Math and Science Lessons and are offered through Homeschool Connections Online. Space is limited so register in advance for this wonderful event.

All you need to participate in a webinar is a computer with speakers (or headphones.) You watch and listen to the speaker, and you can type in questions for her to answer live, all in your pajamas if you want! You can get an idea by viewing one of her past webinars, and see what wonderful suggestions she has.

Homeschool Connections Online offers free webinars, and it is starting to offer, for a modest tuition, classes for middle and high school students.


{ jamie } said...

I've been trying to figure out how to do more "living math" so this sounds interesting.

keri said...

Math and Science with living books...I'll have to check that out for math suggestions.
We are presently reading Grammarland a living book on Grammar.

Marie said...

It seems like Math is the hardest subject to incooperate Living Books so this information will be helpful. thank you

Kris said...

I just finished the webinar and she spent 2/3 of it talking about math. It was excellent, so listen to the recording when you get a chance. There are many, many math literature books out there, far more than science. Once you start looking you will see just how easy it is.