Friday, May 29, 2009

Science Logic Curriculum

I recently saw this interesting science series. What intrigues me the most is that it is written by a science-teacher-turned-homeschooler mom that I "run into" at a lot of Charlotte Mason and Classical homeschooling sites.

Makita sees as I do a lack of solid middle school science for homeschoolers that is not written from a Creationist perspective. (It's great that such excellent Creationist material is available, BTW, since you are unlikely to find anything about it at your local library.)

As a result she created Science Logic: Sciences for the Logic Stage. While I have not seen the whole package, she has a free sample download of her first one, Earth Logic, and it looks excellent. You can order it spiral bound, unbound, or as a pdf file. She plans on releasing Life Logic and Physics Logic later in the year. Nice job, Makita!


Makita said...

Thank you so much for the shout out! It has been a fun journey putting this together.

My goal is to create 3 collections (Earth, Life & Physics). Within each there will likely be 3 units. The first unit for the Earth collection is available. Other units are forthcoming soon. All units can stand alone or can be used in conjunction with one another. :D

Kris said...

Sounds great--you put a lot of work into this series!

Momma Snail said...

I am looking for science curriculum with Old World Creationist views. I can't find a list of Old World/New World you know of any? I can't wait to check Makita's units out. They sound great!