Friday, July 3, 2009

Courses and Webinars Listing

I teach live online human anatomy and physiology classes for high school homeschoolers through Walter Crawford and Maureen Wittmann's company, Homeschool Connections.

I teach classes every fall and spring. If the online live schedule does not fit your schedule, you can also purchase a subscription service that gives you access to all recorded courses.

I have the following courses available:
  • Blood in Sickness and in Health
  • The Immune System in Sickness and in Health
I hope to have one or even two additional courses ready for the 2010-2011 year. Go to Homeschool Connections and click on the Courses tab to see the upcoming schedule. Besides my science courses, Homeschool Connections offers an extensive and growing list of short courses in literature, history, theology, government, economics, and more, all taught from an authentic Catholic persective. They also have free live and recorded webinars for homechooling parents.

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