Thursday, April 1, 2010

Science Fair

We belong to a small (18 families) homeschooling enrichment group without a co-op, but we love to get together for field trips and events.  We recently held a Science Fair at the local library where our children displayed their work and we invited families and friends to come and see.

Ds#1 researched The Immune System.  He wrote about all the different structures and cells using military analogies.  He even build antibodies out of Zomes (I did help with the IgM pentamer double ring--it was difficult to figure out how to construct it.)

Ds#2 researched Light and Optics, which was a fully interactive display of optical illusions.  Some were on the board while on the table he had a 3D book, a picture changer, a praxinoscope, and a spinning color wheel.  His was a fun display to spend time at!

We had 10 entries altogether with a lot of family coming to visit. Everyone put together such interesting and different projects. I've included a slide show of the other wonderful projects.

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