Saturday, January 17, 2009

Dissection for Co-op and zeroBio

I am teaching a dissection class during our short 6-week winter session for our homeschool co-op. The class is for 9 and up and I had a whopping 9 students sign up, ages 9 to 14.

Home Science Tools offers complete kits for a class like this. We decided to use the Intermediate Kit with seven specimens, pictured here.

The dissection guides will lead even the most novice of students through the process, including small black-and-white photos of the anatomy. I am there to clarify things, help with technique, put each specimen into a classification perspective, and often giving comparisons to human anatomy.

Our kits had not arrived in time for our first class, so I took the time to go over the tools in a dissection kit (my own.) Next I did a quick search for dissection videos and came across zeroBio, a great interactive site with some dissection videos and a lot of other resources.

My students really liked the videos and they prepared them for what was to come. This week they all enthusiastically dissected their earthworms and are looking forward to next week. They're a great bunch!

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Cheryl said...

Oh this is a great site! This will really help with dd who has no desire to dissect things but can watch the videos instead!