Thursday, January 8, 2009

Making butter

When my kids and I were exploring we watched the free video about making your own butter. The kids of course were all for trying this at home. I bought cream from the local dairy farm where I buy my milk. Their heavy cream is so thick you have to squeeze the bottle to get it to come out!

This was during our 6 day power outage, so even though it sat on the counter for, well, probably 2 days it still smelled fresh (maybe because our house was a bit less than 60 F?) No matter, I put it into two jars and shook them.

Sure enough, butter was made. But this cream was so thick (how thick was it?) that no buttermilk remained. It all turned to wonderful butter with a spreadable, whipped consistency. Considering I bought a quart of cream for around $3.50 and got around 2lbs of butter, this is quite economical!
The first thing I did when we got power back was to make a loaf of our favorite oat bread to enjoy with the butter. Thanks Mr. Krampf!

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