Friday, January 23, 2009

Making butter part II

We ran out of the first batch of butter we made, so I bought more cream and made some more. This time, however, I did it right.

I shook the jar until it all solidified, just like before, only this time I shook a little more. It only took a few more firm shakes, enough to move a semi-solid mass of cream, when suddenly it filled with liquid again--buttermilk!

The butter was now yellow (our last batch was white) and had the consistency of butter. It even harden in the refrigerator, which the last batch did not. And ds#3, who didn't care for the last batch, loves this one (he has discerning taste.)

I replaced the stick butter in my decorative butter dish instead of keeping it in the jar. I estimate that I got a pound out of the quart of cream, plus about a 12 oz of buttermilk.


L a u r a said...

My husband just read through the Little House books to the kids again, and it explained how Ma made butter in Little House on the Prairie (I believe). I think it said in the winter--back then and up north--the butter is usually not as yellow (because the cows couldn't eat as much green food--just hay).

It went on to describe how she actually bothered to add color to her winter butter by boiling a shredded carrot. What's more? She then pressed them into butter molds and made them pretty!

What with building their own log cabin, making their own door hinges, hunting for their own food, sewing all their own clothes, knitting mittens, darning socks, milking cows, churning butter, and playing with pig bladder balls, they somehow found time to fancy up their butter patties! I'm seriously lacking some of these basic skills!

L a u r a said...

You inspired me to make butter with our kids today. I noted your post for the idea. Once again, thank you for all your ideas and information!

Kris said...

Well, my first batch of butter was white because I left it at the stage when it solidified but did not render out its buttermilk--I would have had to add a lot of carrot, LOL.

Ds#1 and read the beginning of the Little House series 2 years ago, and I do remember that. I love the perspective you give to it thought. Really, with all Ma had to do that worry about the butter being yellow!